Growing indoor ornamental orchid

Orchids have prominent white flowers on the green leaf background, especially orchids suitable for living in the home environment, choosing orchids as decorative indoor plants is something that many people before and now are. do. Choose pots to plant orchids The orchid we are preparing to plant for home decoration, so the first thing we … Read more

Types of ornamental plants for indoor use are easy to grow

Bonsai market is a very lively market, to choose for themselves a kind of ornamental plants that are easy to grow, beautiful and not easy. To help you solve the problem, this article will summarize the top 12 ornamental plants at home, not only that, but these 12 trees are also suitable for busy people, … Read more

Instructions for choosing bonsai pots

Planting pots not only help to support plants, is a place to store soil and nutrients for plants to grow. With the unique color and design of the pots will help your plants stand out, attract attention. For pots to ensure two tasks above you need to choose the right product to grow beautiful ornamental … Read more

Tanuki technique: grafting young plants with dead trees or driftwood

Tanuki is a Japanese word that describes a technique in bonsai art. Technique taniki is using dead trees, or driftwood has curves, bending and size available and relatively young plants are growing to shape. The taniki technique helps us to restore the value of dead trees, and to use any living species we like to … Read more