How to make apricot tree more branches

Why has it been exhausted for a long time but the apricot tree has not been young yet? This is also one of the questions that we receive a lot from the past time. Especially after the post-Tet apricot care period, you prune, prune apricot buds in combination with soil exchange and supplement plant fertilizers. … Read more

Instructions for planting and caring for Japanese palm trees

The Japanese palm tree stands out with its radiant foliage like beautiful green umbrellas. Not only has the effect of creating a green space for the garden space, but these palm trees also purify the air to help make the environment healthier. Characteristics of Japanese palm tree The Japanese palm tree is inherently related to … Read more

Interesting things about the Chinese Taro tree

Chinese Taro trees, indoor greenery are becoming the trend of the people because they provide fresh, cool air and trees are also a way to neutralize emissions in our homes. Planting trees indoors is becoming the trend of everyone because they bring fresh, cool air as well as help homeowners always feel comfortable, happy and … Read more

Instructions for propagating porcelain flowers

In tropical monsoon regions Hoa Su is one of the bonsai trees planted by many people for indoor decoration. However, multiplying the porcelain flower tree to make the porcelain flower beautiful, the body is plump, especially the ton, the majority is unknown. In this article, we will show you how to multiply porcelain flower to … Read more

Growing indoor ornamental orchid

Orchids have prominent white flowers on the green leaf background, especially orchids suitable for living in the home environment, choosing orchids as decorative indoor plants is something that many people before and now are. do. Choose pots to plant orchids The orchid we are preparing to plant for home decoration, so the first thing we … Read more

Common mistakes when taking care of aquatic plants

Taking care of aquatic plants requires certain knowledge about ornamental plants and especially the knowledge of aquatic plants, in this article we will mention common mistakes when caring for particular ornamental plants. Planted in aquatic environment. 1. Hasty This is the most common mistake, the new people practice playing or want to have a beautiful … Read more