Ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are a topic of great interest for the good values ‚Äč‚Äčthat it brings to the home and to those who live there, whether you are spiritual or not. Trees and flowers do not play a small role in bringing positive energy to your home. Ask those who are passionate about ancient Chinese art and will tell you about the power to regulate energy in the home, which brings great benefits in terms of mental and health.

Even spend some time researching, searching for this interesting art and know where, you will be completely absorbed. For beginners, it’s no easier than starting with decorative plants because this is a unique element that does not affect the overall structure of the home. So, even if you have doubts about its mysterious power and its illogical operation, do not forget that behind it is a beautiful aesthetic that is in line with the spirit of modern architecture: Useful – and most importantly nice to have a home decoration by using ornamental bonsai is not just a game of lovers but they are an indispensable piece in decorating design.

Notes when using decorative ornamental house

Ornamental plants in the hall

You can plant small plants along the entrance to the house or simply put two pots on either side of the door. These two pots have a beautiful and attractive sink as a greeting to the house or whenever we come home it is a joy to welcome us home after a hard working day at work. or office.

As this is the tree in front of the big door should be carefully considered: Absolutely not grow large trees with wide canopy; Too much or just a single tree is unstable; Not to plant trees in the west, southwest and away from trees such as mulberry, poplar, willow, cypress, banana as well as acacia trees… As the starting point, the main door always It is a critical area that anyone should be aware of as it represents the appearance of the home. This is where you welcome guests, where the wind blows and the good things come to your family.

The most suitable plants to plant in this area are bamboo, lemon, apple… South is a particularly suitable direction for planting.

Ornamental plants in the living room

The guest room is the place to be in the house because it is the location to welcome guests to the house, so it is suitable for many different plants. Especially, because the objective factor is focused in the living room, so many kinds of decorative plants such as honeysuckle, rich tree, flower bud, jade, needle, ivy… These trees are very popular, we can also prepare the bonsai for the hard guests when visiting our home. This helps us impress our guests and create a fresh, pleasant atmosphere here.

From the perspective of many people, the angles are negative for living space. Therefore, you should place the plants in the corners of the room, especially those with round leaves as they will help the flow of energy to actively circulate in the room and throughout the house easier.

The direction to avoid when placing plants in the living room is North, Southwest and Northeast. In terms of location, do not put a walkway or under air conditioning. It is best to place the plants on the table, TV shelf or shelf.

If you do not want to grow plants in the house, you can use mirrors or glass doors to reflect the green space outside your home, or even hang pictures of plants.

Ornamental plants in the work room

For those who have a work room or reading room at home, decorating with ornamental plants also offers unbelievable benefits. However, do not put too many trees in this area. It is best to choose small ornamental plants such as bonsai or citrus trees. If you are large enough, you can grow bonsai and small bonsai trees or even aquarium plants to create false scenery in the room, help balancing the state of tranquility and peace of study.

Flowers are also a popular choice because it will help the room less boring, heavy. However, do not choose the flowers are too colorful or fragrant to avoid distraction.

Ornamental plants in the bedroom

Living in the bedroom, putting green plants in the bedroom is harmful to health as they emit carbon dioxide by night, affecting human respiration. Therefore, you should not put the tree in the bedroom to stay at the bedside or too narrow. It is best to choose small ornamental plants that do not require frequent watering or simple flower landscaping to make the room more vigorous.



Ornamental plants in the dining room

Red ornamental flowers in the fridge or dinner table also help protect the health of the family. Try spice plants such as mint, basil, or even small tomatoes to keep the food fresh.

Herbs with pleasant aromas such as lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus help to keep the atmosphere fresh in the kitchen, which is easy to smell food.

Ornamental plants in the bathroom

You just have to keep in mind that large, unfavorable trees are unsuitable for this area as it is easy to create environments for bacteria and reproductive mosquitoes. Putting trees in the bathroom is not too common but does not mean that we can not decorate our bathroom with greenery.

You just need to put a few bowls of ornamental plants for small tables or vases to bring fresh nuances. If the area allows, you can still decorate the bathroom with large trees to create a sense of nature.