Fern care techniques

Ferns are easy to grow plants in a home environment, because they live in a dimly lit environment with a low climate. Found in many countries with temperate climates, they have reproduced and developed over many millennia, from which the strong vitality of this plant can be seen. However, in order to have a green array of beautiful ferns, they need to pay much attention to its behavior and circadian rhythm.

In this article we will show you how to take care of the fern potted plant so that the tree looks beautiful green, and grows brilliantly in our home environment.

Water the fern

During the process of planting, taking care of until enjoying the beauty of the fern, the issue of fresh water, moisturizing and supplying nutrients into the water is the most essential. In addition to choosing a soil for ferns to adapt, we also need to pay attention to watering the plants to keep them moist, just by mistake for about a week the tree will become rotten and the leaves become yellow. If you are planting a fern indoors, you should prepare yourself a pot large enough to get rainwater, especially rainwater when it rains with thunder or lightning.

Apply fertilizer to ferns

Ferns do not need too much nutrients, but for plants to grow fast and have an eye-catching green color, we should provide a small amount of urea to the plant. Supply Urea to plants by mixing Urea in water with a small amount, then water the ferns once a week or when the plants turn a little yellow, water the plants.

Prune for the fern

The fern grows fast, so the number of old and withered leaves causing loss of aesthetics almost every week. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves a pair of scissors to prune those withered old leaves to ensure that it does not affect the aesthetics of the fern pot.

In fern techniques, we need to pay much attention to the irrigation regime and how to provide nutrients for plants in a scientific way. Do not apply fertilizer directly to the fern planter, so it is easy to shock the tree, leading to root and stem rot.