Techniques of planting Thien ly flower plants

Techniques for growing flowers in Thien Ly according to two methods of cuttings or planting with seeds are quite simple, anyone can grow without losing too much time to care.

Techniques for planting Thien Hoa flower are quite favorable for growers as they can adapt to many different weather conditions from temperate climate to subtropical climate.

The flower of Thien Ly is also known by the other name, the flower of the flower of the incense. The physiological tree has a soft, woody body, heart-shaped leaves with flowers growing in bunches in the leaf axils. This is a flower with a mild scent, delicious soup, so many families choose to plant around the garden.

Appropriate temperature for planting Thien Ly flowers

Thien Ly flower grows strongly in spring or autumn when the temperature is about 20 to 35 degrees C. The plant is suitable for growing places with lots of light and ventilation. In particular, Thien Ly flower plant can be grown on many different types of soil but must ensure moisture must be kept right. If the plant is drought for a long time, it will grow slowly and not flower.

Choose the flower of Thien Ly flower

Like other plants, breeding is an important stage and so is Thien Ly. Therefore, when choosing seeds without disease, the ball has to choose a minimum diameter of 6 to 7mm, if 10mm is best.

Techniques of planting Thien ly flower plants

In order to grow normal physiological flowers, people will use cuttings, so the tree is very fast growing. But first, it is necessary to carry out the nursery, so choose sandy soil and incubate in a well-ventilated, quick-draining water. The first is the ash or ashes to prevent plastic flow, dehydration and antiseptic, and then cultivate into the prepared pit. Then put the manure under the bottom to provide the source of nutrition for the root. When planting remember to put the tip of the nursery to the ground 10cm and then plug the stick for climbing plants, just let 2 sprouts into rope to climb the truss.

Because it is a trellis, it is quite important to do rigging and to create a cool and shady look to see the eyes of the bright yellow flower petals, the sweet and fragrant fragrance. Depending on the conditions as well as the needs of the growers, making rigs with iron frames or bamboo frames is exempted as long as it helps Thien Ly climb faster and produce more flowers.

The plant is moist but does not tolerate water logging, so when there is a stagnant water, it is necessary to quickly drain the water if the tree quickly dies. The top dressing is only done when the vines are 2 meters high, at which time the root system has developed. Do not water directly and root but about 60cm or the plants will get fecal poisoning.

Regularly proactively take the branch off the rig. Avoid branching together. Regularly prune old leaves, incubate and re-fertilize the plants. From the second year on, every year cut all small wires and leaves into Eastern period to kill pathogens and prevent cold.

Pests and diseases and ways to eradicate for Thien Ly plants

Flower planting techniques Thien’s biggest headache is preventing aphids. This type of disease is quite dangerous if not destroyed promptly because they will make the tree unable to flower. Therefore, it is necessary to check daily from the beginning of the leaves, immediately kill by hand, if many must use a broom broom. Especially when the flowering tree needs to be closely monitored to see if it is in the bud if not, then use sharp toothpicks to kill the bugs.

In addition, attention should be paid to black fungal diseases such as soot and soot called soot, growing on leaves and wires. This disease causes the plant to melt and weaken. Prevention by trimming the leaves, not too thick. In addition, the lime water phase sweeping on the wire with soot will be very effective.

The way for the flower of flowers to proliferate over the years

In addition to applying the right techniques of planting Thien Thien flowers, if you know how to take good care of flowers, they will bloom all year round. Since winter comes to a stop growing tree, cut off the side branches and leave the main branch. Through cold winter to spring, the main branches will re-sprout new and continue to grow for flowers next year. With such a simple step, just plant a Thien Ly flower crop for your whole family to eat year after year without spending too much effort.

Above are the technical steps to plant Thien Ly flowers most basic for the three housewives referring. In order to grow the true God-like platform, please equip yourself with more knowledge through books, other people’s planting experience or it is better through technical experts to plant flowers, planting techniques Fruit to apply into practice effectively.