Instructions for pruning indoor plants

Pruning indoors is a must to help the bonsai reach a high level of aesthetics. In addition, pruning also helps the indoor plant to grow strong in the long run.

Choose a time to prune indoor plants

Like outdoor plants, indoor plants must also choose when to prune. Choose days with clear weather and mild climate to trim. In these days plants achieve a faster recovery, with a better immune system. Pruning the branches at this time helps the plant to recover quickly, from which we can achieve the aspirations of conquering the form, posture, and even flowers in the cultivation of decorative indoor plants.

Have tools to prune indoor plants

After choosing a time to prune the tree, we proceed to prepare tools for pruning. Tools for pruning include shears, knives, and some slaked lime. Scissors and knives we should sharpen, so that when cutting does not affect the tree trunks indoors. Lime I use to apply to the cut, to limit the sap secretion tree through the cut, and help the tree not be disturbed by insects, thereby helping the tree to recover quickly after being pruned.

How to prune branches and leaves

First of all, we need to prune pruning leaves, branches that are not suitable for the position of the tree, remove any roughness that should not be on the tree. The pruning action should be fast and light, to avoid affecting the trunk, the branches we want to keep, the leaves are healthy. In case the tree has too few leaves, we should keep a little even though it is old and yellow leaves, because the tree needs leaves for photosynthesis so let that old leaf wait until the young leaves grow onions prune old leaves. For the branches we need to position the trunk, so that when we prune it does not affect the roots of the tree.

Take care of your bonsai after pruning

After pruning the bonsai, which has lost a lot of strength, we need to strengthen the plant with a special care regimen. So first of all we need to move the plants to a place with sunlight, note because indoor plants, they are familiar with the indoor environment, so we should not leave the tree in a place with too strong light, because If left in a place with too much light, the tree will be shocked and lead to loss of strength. That is why we need to choose the right time to prune the tree.

In addition to moving to sunlight, we need to replenish the plant with nutrients. At plant protection stores, there are specialized drugs to replenish the plant quickly, we need to fertilize the tree as soon as it is moved to the place to take care. In addition, we should also water the plants regularly with a small dose, and water regularly, divided into several times a day.

Pruning helps us to have a tree position that matches the space of our home, highlighting the plants and furniture in the home. Pruning also helps us to obtain the tree posture we desire. However, pruning should follow the rules we have introduced, to respect the long term health of indoor ornamental plants.