Types of ornamental plants for indoor use are easy to grow

Bonsai market is a very lively market, to choose for themselves a kind of ornamental plants that are easy to grow, beautiful and not easy. To help you solve the problem, this article will summarize the top 12 ornamental plants at home, not only that, but these 12 trees are also suitable for busy people, do not have much time to take care of the tree.

1. Ivy tree

At the top of the list of easy-to-plant ornamental plants, remind the shrub of ivy. Spring does not require much light to grow. They are suitable for planting hedges, planting pots or hanging rolls. An indoor pot can absorb volatile organic compounds or air pollutants created by computers or electronic devices that can cause headaches and nausea.

2. Female hair goddess tree

The female hairdresser does not need much care compared to other furniture plants. They grow best in a shady place, with adequate moisture and light. Spirit hair is a bonsai that likes soil that has a moisturizing ability, so under a pot it can hold a tray of water underneath to keep the moisture stable.

The magic hair plant is suitable for growing in small ornamental pots and rockery. The landlord can also put on a decorative table, larger pots can be placed on windows, paths or living rooms, office trees.

3. Spider wire tree

The leaves of small spider plants are soft and elegant. Spider-string plants are indoor ornamental plants, which are hanging hanging plants that are common in indoor furnishing. Spider trees can hang in windows or on walls. Because the root system of the plants is very good, the drought tolerance is high so there is no need to worry too much even during long periods of absence.

Spider wire plants are capable of absorbing harmful gases in the house for a short time. It can convert airborne carcinogenic gases such as formic Aldehyde into sugar and ammonium acid.

Spider strings – an extremely cute tree that is of interest to many families. How about you? If you are interested in this cute little bonsai, click Now Here. An elaborate guide and useful information about the spider wire tree will be revealed to you.

4. The betel nut tree

The betel nut tree has an air-born root, heart-shaped leaves. The branches of the betel nut were long and drooping. Small and medium-sized trees can be placed on top of a cabinet, on a desk, hanging next to a window so that the leaves are gently lowered.

Her betel nut is one of the most popular easy-to-grow ornamental plants. Plants help clean indoor air. Leaving plants next to electronic devices will absorb radioactive substances emitted from computers, TVs, printers.

5. Tiger blade tree

Plants are easy to live, so it is suitable for people who have less time to care. Tiger blade tree is an interior tree in the house or is chosen as a gift for relatives, friends, partners to wish good luck, celebrate housewarming, celebrate the fortune of the fortune-teller.

Plants also have detoxifying effects, because they filter gases like formaldehyde. Because formaldehyde evaporates mainly from personal hygiene products, the tiger blade will be most effective when placed in the bathroom.

6. Perpetual tree

Perennial plants are grassy plants, long creeping, soft and cylindrical bodies, with many parasitic roots, easy to grow and propagate. Perpetual perennial plants still green, the winter leaves without wilting should be considered a sandy tree species, widely used in garden decoration, miniatures with many advantages.

In feng shui, perpetual bar is suitable for people working in the field of investment, business, securities investment or open new markets, new fields.

7. Aloe tree

Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera, is a perennial herb. Aloe leaf is green, sessile, closely spaced, dark, 3-sided, thick edges and serrated. Planting aloe as an ornamental plant in the home and at work helps purify the air because the plant can absorb formic aldehyde, carbonic and carbondioxide.

Families should plant at least one aloe vera in the home because it not only has a beauty effect but is also very good for human health.

8. Sour tree

The sorghum is a wild plant that grows and grows very fast. The tree has small, green, succulent leaves. For families with little time, a Thai basket hanging from the window will help purify the air as well as cool green houses.

9. Ball string plant hanging

Ball chain is a herbaceous plant with a soft branch, beautiful shape. The leaves of the ball chain grow dense on the branches, small leaves are cylindrical about 1-3cm long, succulent and pointed at the tip of the leaves. Ball chain is a light-demanding tree with low water demand, so it has high drought tolerance. Ball chain has asexual reproduction characteristics, when fallen leaves on the ground will give roots and create new individuals.

10. Landscape plants

Ornamental plants have thick leaves, dark green, have many secondary roots and are easy to grow. The tree is suitable for the family room location. A sapling can be grown from branches, branches, even cut branches soaked in water. People often use sap to make bonsai trees. When grown indoors, si works to purify the toxins in the air.

11. Italian orchid plant (white).

This plant is grown in many families, they look very beautiful with white curved flowers that stand out on the background of dark green leaves. Moreover, this plant is very easy to grow. Italian orchids are suitable for environments with low humidity, low light, so it is best to plant in a room with few windows. They also love to plant in pots with moist soil.

12. Money Tree

And finally when it comes to plants that are easily grown at home, there is no shortage of cash. With its unique appearance, smooth glossy leaves and durable and durable vitality, money needles are the choice of many owners who do not have much time in cultivating bonsai. This is a suitable choice for office or desk.

So you have chosen for yourself a kind of ornamental plant that has not been grown at home yet. Please choose for our house a beautiful bonsai.