Guide to make cuts quickly scarring

In bonsai creation, we can not not cut the stem to dwarf and shrink the tree so that it can be planted in the tub, also can not be cut not by the right branch or not suitable for the idea.

But in order for these cuts to be quickly scarred, there are no longer pieces of shortage of aesthetics, we should cut deeply into the stem or iron to the stem, forming a V shape, and then use a razor blade Remove the outer layer of the bark of the cuticle, exposing the growing layer of cells that are supposed to develop the cuticle necessary for rapid wound healing. If there is a piece of wood protruding after the cut saw will cause damage to the tree later.

Once the outer layer of the skin around the cut has been removed, the wound must be painted with a special glue that is easily purchased from the pet biology service.

However, after a period of several months, it is possible to use a sharp knife to pierce the old wound and it may still continue to rot, although the wound is covered with a non-stick coating. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all of the rinsing layer and to create a drainage ditch for the wound so that the water does not remain in the rump causing the next rinse condition. When this work is done, we must paint the wound with a sticky, non-moldy glue like the first time, and this job must be done three to three times until the cells grow out. Traumatic mouth makes a charmingly attractive scar.

In order to quickly grow the scar, we can put the plant into a special care regimen, providing the necessary nutrients and keeping the plant in the most comfortable state. Absolutely do not let the plant under hot sun hot, this is easy for plants to escape the water leads to dehydration, shocking the tree. Do not leave trees in places where there are strong shocks.

The above are the instructions to help you quickly recover the wound in the process of shaping decorative bonsai.

Guide to take care of sesame buds

Sesame is a wood, long life, beautiful flowers should be planted as ornamental plants. At one time, sesame trees were hunted because many people hunt. However, now that sesame buds are easy to propagate should not have the same price as before, but still many fans because of the flower and its name.

Sesame leaves are hydrophilic, easy to grow, easy to care but the lobster area is easy to die but many unknown causes do not know how to overcome.

Sesame vultures are living on angels, pots that show signs of wilting, the small branches, withered and dried (remove the branches). If you do not pay attention just a few months drunk, the bark will no longer resin, is separated from the wood, then there is no recovery. The phenomenon is due to the following reasons:

To put the rootstock in water for too long, the water in the basin is heavily polluted due to the water so long, soaking the water. Tree roots are blocked due to lack of oxygen. And to overcome the phenomenon of dead trees we do the following.

When the tree is removed

Remove the stem from the basin, then spray the soil on the pedestal and the roots to reveal a root (do not break the full pot). Then use sharp knife to cut the rotten roots (cut to the end of the rotten root only). Wash the roots, roots again with clean water and place the tree in a shady, no wind pulling.

Wait for the roots and roots to dry, using stimulants to root several times on the cut. Get old sacks or clothes cover the roots. Cleaning ang, pots: remove old soil and wash pot sinks. If there is no drainage hole, drain holes. When the need to hold water will use tight button material.

Using porous soils mixed with some slag of charcoal, manure slurry, some microorganisms (kind used for ornamental plants) (not use NPK fertilizers for rice, vegetables).

After treating the rootstock for about 3 days, use the prepared soil to replant. Newly planted trees must be rooted, using sprayers, irrigating the soil sufficiently moist. Leave the trees in shady or sun-blocking, shielding the trees.

Take care of trees

Daily spray water enough for the soil and spray on branches, leaves, trunks so that trees do not lack water and should not be root peduncles, roots in the basin, the new leaves are small.

Observe that if the tree is normal, sprouting new peace of mind because the tree has been restored. Continue to take care of the plant for complete restoration. If the tree is fully restored, place the tree in a place with plenty of light or remove the sunscreen material, cover the wind.

For young trees, it should only keep the soil in the pot is always wet.

Do not water dirt for sesame buds. When trees can contain water in angels, pots but several months also have to change the water to not be severely contaminated causing the tree to suffocate.
The above is a small experience, please boldly exchange for you to try the phenomenon.