Instructions for propagating porcelain flowers

In tropical monsoon regions Hoa Su is one of the bonsai trees planted by many people for indoor decoration. However, multiplying the porcelain flower tree to make the porcelain flower beautiful, the body is plump, especially the ton, the majority is unknown. In this article, we will show you how to multiply porcelain flower to make it healthy.

1. Choose the mother plant

Any way like the character also needs the mother tree, the porcelain flower tree is no exception. The tree we need to choose the same well, the stem is overflowing with live sap, the leaves are even, the flowers are brilliant. Do not choose too old parent plants, because if the mother tree is too old, the tree of vitality will not list the young mother plants. If you do not choose a father tree with too few leaves, a porcelain flower tree with evenly thick leaves will give many flowers and branches. Flowers of Hoa Su tree usually grow at the beginning of each small branch, because the porcelain flower tree is too sparse. flowers will not be much.

2. Prepare to crush porcelain flower tree

Porcelain flower pots usually growers will choose to smash cement plants, have optimal drainage, because porcelain flowers are water plants, if not well drained, porcelain flowers will be damaged and waterlogged.

3. Land to plant porcelain flowers

The porcelain tree does not need much nutrients in the soil during the plant phase, so we do not need to pay much attention to nutrients, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that the soil plant must be a parallel flesh plant. for the purpose of ensuring Hoa Su does not get flooded when we plant pepper or make it rain.

4. The method of artificial duplication is too best

There are two methods of propagating to Su flower plant, propagating by branching method and propagating method from Sui parents.

Propagation method by branching

Choose the mother porcelain flower tree with listed vitality, set it up for good growth, then choose a pleasant time. When we have all the above factors, we proceed to separate stems from the parent porcelain flower tree, then cut new branches apart to prepare in advance.

The priority of this method is fast, the time for the seedlings to flower is optimized for efficiency, but the vitality of the seedlings will not be listed by seed propagation. Moreover, with this propagation method, the stump of the porcelain flower is not as beautiful and beautiful as the seed-propagated stump, this is a point that many bonsai players always try to avoid.

Propagation method is the same as planting from porcelain flower

Porcelain flowers give beautiful flowers all year round, when the porcelain flowers bloom, we conduct pollination for them, when the flowers are pollinated, we proceed to operate the plant in a thoughtful way, not to lose our parents. want to get with the other Mission, because if are so mut will go to the state back to create a guit do not want to we we.

5. Seedlings of porcelain flower to get plants

When the porcelain results and ripen evenly, we proceed to harvest the results of the porcelain and then expose it to dry under the sun, then we beat as prepared above. Every day we have to start separating water to provide water for white porcelain because germs, when the plant is 1 week old, we start to let the plant out in the sun, the porcelain flower is a sun-loving tree.

Seedlings are grown by seed propagation, giving strong stems and systems, as long as 5 months old, porcelain root is very eye-catching to those who like to play indoor plants.

To have to be beautiful tree, we are not need more time, because Hoa Su grows quite fast, but Hoa Su tree is easily flooded, it should be noted that we have to choose a type with drainage system. easy design.