Tools needed to care for ornamental plants

You are looking to take care of your own little garden and you are wondering what equipment to prepare? Please refer to the article below for easier care for your garden offline.


The first thing that is indispensable when gardening is gloves, always have at least a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Gloves have many types: cotton, rubber, leather, elastic … You can choose a pair of gloves that match the material and work you do.


Used to flatten the bed and make the soil porous, airy, in addition to scraping off the debris from the narrow place, a gardener feels very light in the work when the season Thanks to the rake, it can scrape away thick leaves and humus.


Every gardener should own at least a good shovel, which should also have a slightly curved blade. It can be used to dig deep holes quickly and easily. For a long-term use, a gardener should choose a shovel with a blade that can be sharpened as needed.


There are many different types of hoes, but for easy use in gardening you should choose the right sized hoe, metal handle and plastic cover. It is very versatile, can dig dirt, compacted, can dig, mix and move the soil.

Pruning shears

There is no list of garden tools without the need for pruning shears. Pruning shears are used primarily for pruning leaves, or dead leaves that need to be removed so as not to affect the plants.


Gardeners often have a pointed blade, curved to draw. It is used to make soil, digging small holes, especially for planting and weeding, mixing fertilizer or other additives. It is also used to move plants into pots or containers.


Water is indispensable for plants, so gardener should have a water tank for compact plants, with shower so that water can be irrigated evenly throughout the crop without fear of crushing flowers or planted soil. too tight.


The best type of garden saws will have a slightly curved blade that makes it easy to prune woody plants. This type of saw also can be used to remove stems and cut small trees. It is a very versatile tool that should be included in gardening kits.

Pull big

The large scissors are long, sharp, and strong scissors that can cut tall trees, are woody, can form, block a wall, etc. When investing in a pair of scissors pruning you should choose the kind of sharp, light weight for easy use in garden care.

Lawn mower

If your garden is sized, you do not have to choose a large size machine because it is very expensive and does not use all the power. it. A lawn mower makes your garden look neat and bright much better.

Here we have shared with you about the necessary tools in the garden, hoping to help you care for the plants as you want.