Guide to make cuts quickly scarring

In bonsai creation, we can not not cut the stem to dwarf and shrink the tree so that it can be planted in the tub, also can not be cut not by the right branch or not suitable for the idea.

But in order for these cuts to be quickly scarred, there are no longer pieces of shortage of aesthetics, we should cut deeply into the stem or iron to the stem, forming a V shape, and then use a razor blade Remove the outer layer of the bark of the cuticle, exposing the growing layer of cells that are supposed to develop the cuticle necessary for rapid wound healing. If there is a piece of wood protruding after the cut saw will cause damage to the tree later.

Once the outer layer of the skin around the cut has been removed, the wound must be painted with a special glue that is easily purchased from the pet biology service.

However, after a period of several months, it is possible to use a sharp knife to pierce the old wound and it may still continue to rot, although the wound is covered with a non-stick coating. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all of the rinsing layer and to create a drainage ditch for the wound so that the water does not remain in the rump causing the next rinse condition. When this work is done, we must paint the wound with a sticky, non-moldy glue like the first time, and this job must be done three to three times until the cells grow out. Traumatic mouth makes a charmingly attractive scar.

In order to quickly grow the scar, we can put the plant into a special care regimen, providing the necessary nutrients and keeping the plant in the most comfortable state. Absolutely do not let the plant under hot sun hot, this is easy for plants to escape the water leads to dehydration, shocking the tree. Do not leave trees in places where there are strong shocks.

The above are the instructions to help you quickly recover the wound in the process of shaping decorative bonsai.

Make use of organic waste as a fertilizer for ornamental plants

Solid waste is an endless source of material for many countries around the world. If we make use of them, they will become raw materials, but if they can not be treated, waste will become a national problem. The composition of solid waste has many kinds: inorganic and organic. Garments can be recycled and can not be recycled. As a result, solid waste can be divided into occupational, industrial, agricultural and medical waste. By toxicity, solid waste is classified into two categories, toxic and toxic to humans, livestock and the environment.

In this article, we refer to solid waste in daily life, in which the study of garbage can be utilized, processed into micro-organism to grow plants, vegetables, beans, household size and administrative units, agencies, urban enterprises and rural areas.

The results of utilizing waste at source will reduce waste to be transported to landfill, save money for the State and people, save land resources, prolong the life of landfills, Utilizing waste, bringing economic benefits, associated with environmental protection.

Method of implementation: Use organic waste daily, such as vegetables, roots, fruits, chop them into strips, put into plastic buckets with a capacity of 15 to 120 liters, depending on the level of waste of each family. Bioproducts have the effect of activating the rapid decomposition of organic substances. Remove the husk ash spread over a thin layer of about 2 – 5cm up, cover, cover the corner or a suitable place to avoid rain water flowing. Daily for additional organic waste, yeast probiotics and rice husk ash, concentrated within 1 week. When near full bucket will move to the second bucket. Note find the location to poke appropriate. Decomposition of organic waste into micro-organism after 20-25 days. Garbage and put into the pot to grow flowers, plants, vegetables, beans.

For households with garden land, dig holes with a capacity of about 1 m 3 / hole, digging two to three holes together, making roofs or roofs simple to cover rain, sunshine for garbage pits. make fertilizer In addition to organic waste, if there is manure mixed with garbage and probiotics, rice husk ash, will form high quality organic micro-organism. For waste, muddy soil can be used to cover the hills.

In the composting process, it produces gas. For mud pits such as composting manure, gas appears, the mud cover will split itself into each other to escape gas. For plastic bucket to store garbage, gas occurs after about a week, so when the lid is open, should wear a mask or not covered too carefully. The amount of gas released is not high, so the impact on health and environment is not significant.

On average, each day, each person emits 250 to 400 grams of garbage. Households with a size of 5 persons / household will discharge from 1,250 to nearly 2 kg / day / household. Thus, after 7 days, will release 12kg, combined with rice husk ash, so if using bucket 15 liters, can store waste in a week / household. Using a paint container will be more durable and cheaper than buying a plastic bucket or a new bin to store the waste. The microbiological supplement should not smell bad and do not pollute the environment. In the composting process, if the garbage is too dry, it should be sprayed with water, creating a humidity of about 50-60%, which will facilitate microorganisms to grow and easily decompose organic matter. The composted garbage will be transformed into pots of flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables, beans, on the shelves, on balconies, terraces or other suitable places.

The simple benefit of producing fertilizer is not much, but if the costs of collecting, transporting, treating garbage and building waste land are taken into account, the waste from many households, agencies, enterprises This will significantly reduce the state budget and also contribute to the cleanliness of the environment.