Things to keep in mind when planting plants

The orchid when purchased just to decorate the house is very beautiful, green foliage sums up. About a month later, the tree will be yellow leaves branch branches are wilted, then to take the pot to another place or leave. In order to make the pots always green, the landlord needs to pay more attention to the care of the trees in their home.

The light

Flowering plants can live in shade or low light conditions, but in the house there are very few places where light is placed, usually only near windows or wells for hours. shining through.

Signs to identify plants lacking in light, insufficient for photosynthesis are the lateral leaves smaller than the original leaves; lighter green. So the landlord needs to understand the light needs of the tree so that he can choose the location to suit. If the plants spread in closed rooms; Weekly move the plants out in the shade under the trees to change the air.

Flowering plants are watered too much

Floating plants have different demands for water outside the tree; Because of lack of sunshine and ventilation, it is easy to excess water in pots. This leads to the root system of the plant being damaged by young roots.

Weekly only water the plants 2-3 times, each time watering just enough to wet all the roots; Then wipe off excess water under the bottom of the pot.

Irrigation water

In case the home owner is busy working a new week to water plants once in a house; The tree will always be short of water and drought. Leaves are always yellow edges, trunk is no longer glossy due to lack of moisture. As a result, the interior is suitable for the environment full moisture. If you really do not have time to care for home decor should not be.


In the house with appliances such as air conditioning, kitchen steam oven… should be avoided to spread near the place is too cold or too hot to make trees die. At that time the best option is to use artificial flowers of plastic flowers to cover the place where the machine is.


After about a year, the plants have grown and have used up nutrients. Young roots tend to grow on or off; You need to replace the plant with a larger pot. When replacing the bowl, remove the whole plant; Then select pots larger than the old pot about 10 cm (height and breadth) to increase the volume of nutrients for the plant.

Leaf hygiene and pest control

Trees that are either indoors or dusty to the leaves will reduce the transpiration. Weekly, dust should be cleaned with a soft cloth; gently avoid to tear the leaves; Check that the plant has sooty sores on its leaf axils or under the ground. If the soft white patches on the tops; Remove the leaves by hand or take the plant out to wash the shower.

In addition, there are yellow spots on the underside of the leaves; The trunk should be washed with hand or tap. Then use garlic powder or chili to spray the body to help push the bugs attack the tree. Do not use spray pesticides in the home will affect people’s health especially the elderly and children.


The orchid needs less light, so the demand for fertilizer is not high, if fertilizing will cause the plant to shock the stool can cause rapid death. Apply some organic fertilizer such as vermicard or dynamic lilter fertilizer, add B1 and foliar fertilizer.