Instructions for choosing bonsai pots

Planting pots not only help to support plants, is a place to store soil and nutrients for plants to grow. With the unique color and design of the pots will help your plants stand out, attract attention. For pots to ensure two tasks above you need to choose the right product to grow beautiful ornamental pots for the house space is very impressive. There are many types of pots on the market such as porcelain, ceramic and cement.

Principle of choosing decorative bonsai pots

When choosing plastic bonsai pots with many factors to consider, color elements play an important role. You need to select the color of the pot so that it does not coincide with the color of the leaves, flowers or fruit of the plant to bring out the fruit to the fruit tree, or the color of the leaf to the leaf-trunk. If for plants you should not choose green pots but need to choose white to float the stem and leaves, and for pots with red flowers like roses, you need to choose a pot of green, gold will match the color Red of rose.

The principle that you need to remember is to rely on the size of the tree to select the pot accordingly. Often you should use the opposite principle that for low plants use high pots and vice versa, tall plants use low pots. Because of that, it will create a balance and harmony for the overall plant pots.

Place to place decorative bonsai pots

When placing pots to plant plants, pay attention to the light, wind and air factors as well as the humidity. The light needed for photosynthesis, but not all plants have the same lighting needs, there are many trees with few trees, light-loving plants, strong light-loving plants.

In general, potted plants need at least 5 hours of lighting, preferably in the morning. In addition to light, temperature and wind are also factors that affect the growth and development of plants. So you need to learn carefully to have any kind of plants suitable for the environment how to choose the appropriate pots.

And one more thing to note is that you need to avoid placing pots directly on the ground, because it can get ants, earthworms, termites, insects peeping through the pelvic holes, penetrating and destroying plants. It is best to create a shelf that is about 60cm tall from the ground, both easy to care for and avoid the above trait. With sharing on you will choose the appropriate pots to get beautiful bonsai pots decorated for your home space.