Common mistakes when taking care of aquatic plants

Taking care of aquatic plants requires certain knowledge about ornamental plants and especially the knowledge of aquatic plants, in this article we will mention common mistakes when caring for particular ornamental plants. Planted in aquatic environment.

1. Hasty

This is the most common mistake, the new people practice playing or want to have a beautiful lake, stabilize it immediately, want the plants to grow fast and drop the shrimps soon. An aquarium 1 is a miniature ecosystem created by itself, and an ecosystem that is closely linked to many factors, so we cannot perfect them in a hurry.

2. Use too many lights for an aquarium unnecessarily

This is a mistake I want to mention Monday because there are 9 new players who have 9 you want to be bright. Do you not find out if the plants you need really need a lot of lights? Or are you ignoring the needs of the trees in the lake and only turning on the lights to serve your eyes? Light is a large amount of energy you provide to the aquarium, if the shade-loving plants suffer from a large amount of light, it is very weak, easy to yellow, burn leaves. Also when the excess energy, moss will have to appear to absorb that energy. Even light-sensitive plants are easier to work with when you use moderate light, which helps to provide more co2 or water.

Tips for using lights for aquatic plants

If you play the Moss plants, moss, nana, live plants’ ferns (Shade plants), you only need to use a small amount of light, for example a 60cm wide 30cm tank only requires 1 t8 ball or 1 ball 5h0 high up is enough (1 light, not 1 light), lighting time can be 8 hours, but should be open for 5-6 hours when the set up increases weekly. If the lake 60 is 40cm wide, it is recommended to use 2 t8 balls, if it is T5Ho, it only needs 1 ball in the first time, then gradually increase to 2 balls when the lake is stabilized, put it up to 10-15cm high the better. If it is Led, you should adjust the low level and also raise it high.

If you play bucep: bucep is a slow growing tree, so it is easy to get harmful. Bucep will be nice if you use a lot of light, but the ability to moss is also very high, so my advice is when planting bucepen you should use medium light is enough, the plant is both beautiful and clean and not mossy attack. This sufficient amount of light can be like a moss of dx on the top or slightly increased.

If you plant a lot of trees, Dutch style: these plants are light-demanding (Sun plants), but don’t think you need to provide too much light for your tank. You can use twice as much light as a moss pond, dx is enough, but remember to increase gradually from less to higher.

3. Lazy learn

Understanding here is not necessarily intensive, scholarly. Learn simply by taking the necessary knowledge to prepare you in this hobby. In terms of plant physiology, you cannot plant trees in a hot environment, for example, or raising fish and shrimps, you need to know about physiological characteristics of each type. With the development of technology, you can almost find the most necessary information. And I make sure that with a bit of diligence to learn and read, combined with the experience drawn over time, you will succeed soon.

4. Apply information too rigid, lack of refinement

This is another common mistake. Aquariums have many types, styles and ways to play. Each different aquarium has a completely different micro-environment and environment system. So it is quite unreasonable for you to apply completely 1 experience, the way to play 1 lake for your lake. For example, you can not apply the number of lights of a tree and then use it to grow a pond at home. The aquatic experience is like the face towel, the toothbrush of each person, you can look at it, buy it and use it, you can’t take it and use it immediately.

Advice: should receive comments, experience screening and apply a logical way and adjust for reasonable.

5. Release fish and shrimps soon

Nature lovers must love the smallest creatures of mother nature. Some shrimps, tiny, cheap fish, but they are also the souls worthy of attention and care for the players. Many new players often rush to drop shrimps too soon, right after setting up the lake or during the period before the microbiological system is stable (usually 3 to 4 weeks), and the possibility of dead shrimp in this time is very high. On the other hand, when the shrimps die during the unstable period, the system will continue to make the system more difficult to stabilize.

Advice: after setting up the tank, run the filter for 3 to 4 weeks so stocking the shrimps, can light the microorganisms, and oxygenate the microorganisms for faster growth. In case of early release of shrimps, you can use microbial API Quickstart.

6. Drop too many fish, release inappropriate fish, feed fish too much, take care of fish too much

Aquariums have to be released as a natural thing, but many of you are too involved with fish but drop too much, or drop unsuitable fish. Organic matter in fish feces is a major cause of microbalance imbalance and causes moss outbreaks – the number one enemy of aquariums. Another important issue is that you should feed fish moderately, once a day, which is enough, because fish food is a very large organic source. Limit your hands to the lake and avoid taking care of the fish too much unnecessarily.


A moderate amount of fish should be stocked, eg a 100 liter tank of water – 60 cm, so only release 30 to 40 aquatic fish such as neon fish, red head squirrel, lake 90cm (200 liters of water) can drop 60-70 fish , and a 1m2 (300 liter) tank can stock 90-100 fish.

The type of fish should be limited to stocking in the aquarium is: mackerel (you can drop a few fish for the first time to fish off the viscosity from driftwood), 7-color fish, first bee fish (should drop less), yellow goby (should be limited because of it or digging ground), rat fish (limited because of scratching or scattering the lake dust). Moderate feeding of fish. Do not take care of fish too much.

7. Do not spend time taking care of the lake

Aquariums will always be more beautiful and stable if cared and cared for every day. You can only spend 5 to 10 minutes every day cleaning, watching trees and shrimps to see if there are any problems. Harmful mosses when they first appear will be easier to treat than letting them flare up after a few days. Aquatic plants, fish disease, too, if you discover any problems early and find the right direction, it will be easy and effective. In addition, when you spend less time with your aquarium, your brain will always secrete a substance that causes stress reduction, delighting as an addictive substance, and you will always keep the fire of passion for animals. Play this.

Tip: simply try to spend some time with the lake every day, just enjoy your achievements, and find unsettling problems to find solutions soon.

8. Replace the water too much, clean the tank and filter too well

Many new players think that the new lake, the dirty lake, will replace as many countries as possible, even replacing 100% of the water every day. Actually changing the water and taking care of the lake depends on the lake, each type of substrate … But the root of a stable aquarium is a stable micro-system, and too much water changes will affect the system. this microbe. Besides, the cleaning is also a good thing to do but depending on the lake. There are lakes that only need to clean the filter every few months, even years, but many lakes with sophisticated features should be cleaned monthly.

Tips: do not overdo the water change too much, in case of necessity to change water a lot, it is better to divide it daily. It is recommended to combine with the observation of the lake situation to provide a suitable water change, tank cleaning and filtration plan. Never clean the filter too much and never replace the water and toilet with the same filter for 1 day.

9. Excessive abuse of unnecessary products

The psychology of new players often hears people say or read about aquatic products first and then buy them back into the lake in a blameless way. The use of iron – Fe is essential for aquatic plants and it is often in short supply, but just providing a small amount of Fe is more than enough for all plants in the lake (0.03 to 0.1 mg / l is more than enough). Fe is also a heavy metal that is toxic to plants and shrimps if you are overdose. New players often light Fe from 2 to 3 different sources of water without knowing that they are poisoning and mossing their lakes.

Tips: Consider and explore, ask experienced people to advise you more about aquatic products and how to use them. Avoid using an unreasonable way.

10. Too hasty to conclude when not sure

Many newbie friends and some of you have played aquatic life for a while, often having this mentality. They experience a bad problem or succeed in a certain situation and then confidently argue that other friends will also meet and be forced to deal with themselves. But no, the aquatic knowledge is so big and endless, the new friends do not rush to conclude that 100% of them are sure, even the long-time pro they always consult new people and guide people with 1 moderation. The more they play, the more understanding that nothing is 100% certain in this hobby.

Tips: just experience, learn and draw experience. If possible, share it to help others but don’t make sure to say it, show it in this hobby.