Harms due to errors in planting techniques

Ridiculous or erroneous care of ornamental plants or care for unusual changes in the tree, causing the plant to be diseased or damaged can lead to death.

Golden leaf: Yellow leaves and falling leaves are normal, but young leaves are growing yellow and fall often can be due to excess light, the roots are infested by insects or fungi, root rot caused by fertilization. lots of water or too much water ..

Black-tipped leaf: may be due to two causes: excess nitrogen or water with high salt or chlorine. In some varieties, the old leaves before yellowing and fall often also black-tipped leaves.

Root rot: Too much water, or poorly ventilated or too old, may be caused by too much fertilizer.

Wrinkle irritation: Irrigation is not sufficiently moist or the root system is severely damaged. It may also be due to unplanned extraction, after removal of new roots.

Plants do not flower: When the plants mature, the rest of the crop is not properly respected or the tree is not bright enough during the growing season.

Yellow buds and fall: Usually due to high day temperatures. So when the flower starts to rise, it should cover the light directly below 50%. Yellow flower buds are also found in late flowering varieties in March and April, when the day is high. It should be placed in a cool and moist place. Nitrogen and phosphorus also cause the phenomenon.