Guide to pruning art bonsai

Bonsai and ornamental plants can cut the maximum branches into stable seasons and this is the season for growth and development of the plant, but how to prune it so that after a few years or more it will become a tree. beautiful scenery, can be classified into the ornamental bonsai.

This is not easy, because if anyone can do the bonsai art is not as high as today. To do this, players must persevere, constantly learn, learn, must understand botany, do more, bravely do will succeed.

Want a bonsai tree, first of all must have embryo. Common embryos are plants that are able to grow, grow well, live long lives, live fiercely. The embryos are obtained from seedling sources or extracts, or harvested in the wild. Both types have the advantages of it. However, the shape of the embryo, the pruning is still the most important technique. Change the inherent nature of the tree without losing the rational, the nature of the tree, so after many efforts, wisdom, trees are attractive and beautiful, beautiful and attractive. Artistic landscaping must also be ancient, want to have an ancient look, have to wait at the time combined with the aging of the tree.

When growing embryos should be planted in ang, large pots, not many substances (humus soil) so that trees have conditions to grow and develop fast. Many people do the opposite that planting the pot into small pots and then when large trees, gradually into ang, large pots so the tree grows slowly. Depending on the tree planted different positions so that when the tree is easy to shape. When pruning, pay attention to pruning to both roots and branches, branches.

Cut the roots

When the tree is energetic, the leaves are sprucey, the roots grow spontaneously, many branches. Which one to cut, which one must be selected for the branches, the sides of the body. To grow many roots from the branches, the body will shrink to make the branches grow faster, causing the correlation between branches and stems unbalanced. So just leave a few roots in the stem and then cling to the body to grow up, can also root to root to the large base. In the large branches only to glimpse some secondary roots emanating from the branches to make the tree lively.

Cut branches

With branches, we apply cutting method to after several cutting, branches become bent, flexible but not straight. To cut branches, to observe the whole branch of the tree to cut the branches are still distributed, reasonable, the tree is not empty. It is also possible to use wire to bend and fix branches, but it must be removed in time when the branches are large, otherwise metal wire will cause branches to stain after several months due to large trees, metal wire to the shell. loss of beautiful branches, branches. There are trees so that the distance between the tops and the branches is too far, to lose the balance of the tree, we cut off the tops, waiting for the seeds to emit in the rest, the sprouts are suitable for use as tops, Look at the whole tree of balance, harmony, not just bonsai but also the flowers of art.

At present, the trend of making trees in the style of “multi-village” is prevalent, the cutting easier to follow the ancient style has strict rules. However, the pruning, roots, branches must be done regularly and long, can not be rushed.

Here we have shared with you about how to prune ornamental art, hope to help you care for the plants as you like.