Guide to growing lemon trees as ornamental plants

Lemon has a myriad of uses from cooking to beauty, but not everyone knows how to grow lemons in a pot so that the plants grow well and get the most fruits.

Lemon is a fruit that is used a lot in everyday life because of its numerous uses. Not only is the fruit helpful in the kitchen, mixing soft drinks to help with heat, lemon also helps women to beautify their hair such as smooth hair, clean dandruff, treat oily skin, exfoliate and many other effects .

Not only that, all household items can also become clean and shiny thanks to the mild acid found in the lemon. There are many such uses, so it is not uncommon for lemons to be grown by many lovers in the house. To solve the shortage of spacious garden in the city, planting potted plants is a reasonable choice. However, not everyone knows how to grow lemons in pots and take care of them so that lemon is wrong.

Crop planting season

Lemons can be grown year-round throughout the month but the best time to plant them is in March or July, August and October. These are the times when lemons are easily fruitful and grow best.

Choose pots to plant

Many new lemon growers will think of using lemon seeds to grow, this is not wrong but you can take years to wait for results. Therefore, unless you want to plant ornamental plants, buy commercially available plants in markets or places where trees are sold.

When choosing a pot to grow lemons, remember to select pots about 25% larger than the roots of the plants. The most ideal pots are terracotta pots because they have higher porosity and evapotranspiration capacity than plastic pots. This is an important factor that helps plants grow well because lemons are an aversion to water retention.

Repotting should be done every 2 years, consistent with the size of the plant. Usually each time the repotting should choose larger pots than the old one and should conduct repotting in winter.

Choose a soil

Quality and soil types are also one of the top concerns when growing lemon trees. Lemons can be grown on a variety of soil types, but it is best to be porous and loamy. Soil type with a pH of about 5.5 to 7 is most suitable.


Remember to apply fertilizer to plants about once a month during the growing season, around February, March and August 10.

A potted lemon tree needs a balanced amount of fertilizer 18-18-18. When lemons begin to flower, add powdered red potassium fertilizer to lemon quickly.


For those who first plant lemon, the problem of watering plants is really difficult. Because lemons are a type of plant that requires an appropriate amount of water, more or less water can cause the fruit to fall, or even kill the tree. If the soil is too dry, salt may appear and damage the roots. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the soil to ensure reasonable moisture.

If you want to check if the soil has enough moisture, press your finger deep into the soil about 2 to 3 cm, if it feels dry, water it immediately. In hot and windy days, water plants more often. And avoid leaving pots in a place with too much wind.


Although the plant is grown mostly outdoors, the lemon is quite cold and does not tolerate places that are too windy. So just leave the lemon outdoors for 7 to 8 hours and the highest point is 12 hours on beautiful days.

The location of lemon pots is best to have two faces exposed to sunlight in the East and South, or the West and South. Place the potted plant in the most sunny position possible.

Pruning and pruning roots

Pruning helps plants grow luxuriant and easier to correct more fruit. However, this should only be done when a new development season begins. Special note, only pruned with pests, died because if pruning too much can cause the tree to bear horns.

Besides, you should also pay attention to some strange branches, they often grow directly from the main stem, and suck up the nutrients of the plants, so they must be removed immediately.

By the time you change the pot, you should also prune the root of the lemon tree, so when you prune the lemon, the lemon will quickly bloom.

With suggestions on how to grow lemon in this pot, you will have the wrong lemon tree, hand-picking fruits. Good luck.

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