Growing indoor ornamental orchid

Orchids have prominent white flowers on the green leaf background, especially orchids suitable for living in the home environment, choosing orchids as decorative indoor plants is something that many people before and now are. do.

Choose pots to plant orchids

The orchid we are preparing to plant for home decoration, so the first thing we care about is the color of the pot, the color of the pot must match the color of the furniture. indoors, especially the color of furniture where we place orchid potted plants. Choosing white and black pots is what suits many interior colors, they are suitable for almost all different colors, also suitable for green and white of orchids.

Next we need to choose the material to make the potted orchid plant. Because plants are decorated indoors, we need to choose the material that is difficult to break, if it falls, the pot will not be broken. To solve this problem, we can choose a decorative solution wrapped around the plant pot with materials such as bamboo, rattan, or plastic wire.

Choose land to plant orchids

Soil to grow orchid we can choose the soil that is taken from the field or the gravel soil mixed with many nutrients to plant the tree, we can also choose the humus soil in our garden to plant the tree. Orchids are one of the easy to grow plants to care for and especially they are suitable for living on soils with lots of nutrients, so we need to provide more nutrients to the soil.

Decorative orchid pots

Plant pots are indoor decoration, so we need to decorate a thin layer on the surface of the pot, so that the soil is not scattered on the floor where we place the pot. Thanks to this decorative layer, we also prevent water from overflowing the pot when we accidentally water too much water during the care of the plant.

Pruning for orchids

Indoor orchids need to be pruned regularly to ensure their aesthetics, and also to make sure the plant doesn’t lose nutrients to nourish unnecessary parts.

Let the orchid flower in the home environment

In a housing environment that is dimly lit, this makes it difficult for Yalas to flower. To improve this problem we need to bring the plant to light for a certain amount of time each day, this helps the plant to circulate nutrients in the plant. Especially thanks to this action that helps the tree quickly bloom, bringing joy to us.

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